Marketing Case Studies


Harnessing the Power of Facebook Ads for New Jersey Airflow

Facebook Ads Case Study
That’s why we run marketing campaigns for clients. To get conversions. We generated a total of 85 new leads for the client during our 3 months campaign. We started with 17 conversions in November, 25 conversions in December and 43 conversions in January with the same exact ad spend, that’s an increase of 153% in conversions, in just 3 months.

Driving Real Estate Conversions for Capital City with an Aggressive Pay-Per-Click Campaign

PPC Case Study
When the customer first approached us, they had produced a total of 9 leads for the month of August 2019. Flip to January 2020, and we produced 87 leads for the month. This is an increase of 866% in new leads, in just 6 months!

Pacific West Roofing: Transforming Clicks and Visits to Customers

PPC Case Study
Drumroll, please! So far, we produced a total of 39 super hot roofing leads for our client, and we've had a 266% increase in the number of leads since the start of the campaign. And from what we understand, our client is closing one in every four of these leads!

How Seattle’s Family Dentistry Reaped the Benefits of a Powerful PPC Campaign

PPC Case Study
We've had a 237% increase in conversions for the client since starting this campaign. So far, we've generated a total of 72 high quality implant patient leads in just 4 months. With the number of leads consistently increasing month after month. 

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